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Fibreglass Flat Roof Installation Chesterfield

Fibreglass Flat Roof Installation Chesterfield


A GRP Flat Roof is the ideal replacement for any commercial or domestic building.

If your in need of a replacement flat roof then consider the advantages of installing a grp flat roof – fibreglass!

  • guaranteed for 25 years
  • Improved security
  • Better looks
  • Easier to install and repair

GRP flat roof on an extension in chesterfield

A GRP Flat Roof is guaranteed for 25 years

Although a 25 year guarantee is provided, you can expect your fibreglass flat roof to last far longer than just a quarter century. We’d like to tell you exactly how long your grp flat roof could last for… but we’ve only been installing them for 10 years so we haven’t even had to repair one of our roofs yet!

We have heard of grp roofs lasting over 30 years, and we expect a professionally fitted roof like the ones we install to far exceed the duration of the guarantee.

A more secure Flat Roof

A popular entry point for burglars in both houses and garages is a felt covered flat roof. It’s very easy to simply cut a hole and enter the premises though the ceiling. However, a grp flat roof is far too tough to cut into and will deter burglars from having a go at your property.

Versatile Beauty that lasts

A grp flat roof  can come in a vast range of colours and specialist finishes to match any property, even listed buildings. The full gamut of  RAL and BS4800 are available and if you still can’t find what you are looking for then custom colours can be mixed.

Due to the resilient and extremely weather proof nature of fibreglass,  your roof or balcony won’t fade in the sun even after numerous hot summers (we wish!). Whatever the weather your grp flat roof will protect your home from the elements and look great for many years to come.

Easy installation, smooth lines

By it’s very nature fibreglass can be moulded with precision to fit even the most uneven surfaces smoothly and uniformly. Ledges, sills and unusual shapes pose no problem and all will look good and be just a weatherproof. In this way a grp flat roof is far superior to felt and rubber roofing because it is all one surface and doesn’t have to be cut and glued to fit. These joins in other roofing materials are weak spots in the surface that will be exploited by rigours of the British weather and lead to problems quite soon.

Order your GRP flat roof today

So if you are in need of a replacement roof then why not give us a call for a free quotation on a longer lasting, better looking, burglar repelling weather resistant GRP Flat Roof on Chesterfield 01246 580689.


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